Masterpiece Days 2019

Create rock-solid daily routines without beating yourself up or burning out

(This is the course page for Masterpiece Days 2019, which is complete.)

“Too often we get distracted by what is outside our control. You can’t do anything about yesterday. The door to the past has been shut and the key thrown away. You can do nothing about tomorrow. It is yet to come. However, tomorrow is in large part determined by what you do today. So make today a masterpiece. You have control over that.”
– John Wooden

What would become possible if you meditated and exercised every day? If you were free of your #1 addiction? If you dedicated a little bit of time every day to that big dream you’ve been putting off until sometime in the future? What if you felt focused, awake and alive every morning?

Masterpiece Days is an 8-week group program dedicated to helping you create rock-solid daily routines without beating yourself up or burning yourself out.

My approach is different from most: I acknowledge and work within the limitations of willpower, the difficulty of creating inertia from a standstill, and the shame and frustration of not already having this handled. I use an approach of gentle discipline, developing skill and creating momentum by being compassionate, clever, and consistent.

What's Included

  • 8-week group program (Sep - Nov 2019)
  • Weekly interactive webinar (8 total)
  • Daily mini lesson (every weekday morning, 40 total)
  • Accountability Partner
  • Facebook group (optional) for discussion, connection, and support


I will be hosting a Webinar via Zoom every Tuesday at 10am Pacific Time, from Sep 16 to Nov 5. These webinars will be fairly interactive, including a teaching for that week, connecting with other participants, and room for shares and Q&A. The webinars will be recorded and made available online. Participation is encouraged, but you can still participate fully in the program if you can't attend the webinars in person.

The Curriculum

The program begins with the Groundwork insights and assignments, which will be gradually released to you in the days after you sign up for the program. The earlier you get started, the more value you will get from the real-time group portion of the program in September.

The group portion of the program begins on September 16, 2019. The program is designed as a progression, each week building on the previous weeks, each mini-lesson building on the understanding and momentum created through previous lessons. Different people will experience leaps in progress at different points in the program; you might become a Masterpiece Days rockstar through the Groundwork alone, or it might be towards the end when we address some of the subtler forms of psychological resistance that you'll get unstuck, and suddenly reap the benefits of everything you learned before.

Week 1: Foundation

The Foundation week is all about getting traction by creating structures that work for you *right now*. Start making progress by being compassionate, clever, and consistent, rather than wasting willpower and trying to shame yourself into action.

Week 2: Energy

A solid 1-hour morning routine might make each hour you work that day 2 to 10 times more productive, so worry less about budgeting your minutes and hours and instead focus on generating more energy. This includes surfing the natural ups and downs of energy throughout the day and in eliminating kryptonite, both known and previously unknown, from your activities.

Week 3: Create Momentum

Habit momentum is not created through urgent, heroic effort. It is created through patient, gradual, persistent steps. Learn the art of thinking small, taking imperfect action, and understanding how gentle persistence can create massive success.

Week 4: The Mental Game

Your mindset is either going to be your biggest enemy or your biggest ally in creating daily discipline. Instead of trying to be ‘mentally tough’, turn your day into a game that is both engaging and winnable. Create a bias towards action, playfulness, and progress.

Week 5: Keystone Habits

There are some habits that are universally important. When they’re addressed, everything in your life is better. When they fall short, everything in your life goes downhill. What these habits will look like will be different for everyone, but we’ll help you make sure that all of them become a part of your Masterpiece Days.

Week 6: Samurai Focus

The sun can warm your face, but when you focus it through a magnifying glass it can start a fire. Focus is becoming a master of your Yes and your No. Eliminate distractions, get clear on what your true priorities are, and create more time and energy to devote to those priorities.

Week 7: Hustle and Flow

The path of mastery is not a smooth upward curve, it is filled with pitfalls and plateaus and double-backs and quantum leaps. Learn to ruthlessly simplify your life, to stay centered like a martial artist in your discipline, to gravitate towards flow when it’s within reach, and to dig in your heals and do what you can when times get tough.

Week 8: Antifragile

Learn to use obstacles as challenges to be overcome, as gifts in disguise, and as doorways into personal growth. Learn the art of having ‘good bad days’ to ensure that you continue to grow and evolve, even if it’s not in the ways that you planned.
“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” – Marcus Aurelius

Gritty Community

We are social creatures. We are meant to work together, to support and challenge each other, not to go it alone and struggle with ourselves in isolation, bragging about how independent we are. Masterpiece Days is set up in an online group format so that there’s a community of us all working and growing together.
In the Masterpiece Days group we encourage a combination of intense passion and intense perseverance. You will be cheered for your progress, redirected to learn from what doesn’t work, and encouraged to both support others and reach out for support for yourself. It’s equal parts cheerleading and empathy.

Get a Head Start

Join now to get a head start and get access to the Groundwork lessons and exercises before the group portion of the program begins. Start generating ideas and getting inspired, line up an accountability partner, learn some of the mindsets behind creating Masterpiece Days, and take on some initial assignments so that you can hit the ground running in September!


In order for you and the rest of the group to get the most out of this program, I have a couple requests:

  • Check in with your Accountability Partner. Support and encourage each other.
  • Keep showing up. Participate actively in the webinars and discussions.
  • Commit a little bit of time each weekday (30 to 60 minutes is recommended) to getting a little bit more out of every subsequent day for the rest of your life.
  • Engage the program in small bites. Don't try to catch up in big chunks.
  • Have a bias towards action. Experiment with each mini-lesson that day that it is released. When you have an insight, immediately put it into action.
  • Keep an open mind. Be willing to consider new ways of thinking that might initially appear wrong or confusing.

Carpe Diem!

Your Instructor

Michael McDonald
Michael McDonald

Michael is an Integrity Coach, writer, facilitator, and speaker. He’s devoted to bringing more consciousness into leadership and more integrity into transformational work. As a transformational coach he works with entrepreneurs and executives in many areas including leadership, life optimization, intimacy, and enlightenment. He is the creator of Relational Alchemy and Leadership from the Inside Out.
“Something awesome is trying to happen, and your job is to allow it.”

Course Curriculum

  Discussion Forums
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You can get started with the 'Headstart' portion of the program right away. The group portion of the program runs from September 16 to November 8.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to the contents of this course at least through December 31, 2019.
How will accountability partners work?​
You can either pick a friend who's also joining the program to be your Accountability Partner, or you will be paired with someone based on both your intended level of engagement and your timezone.
What if I can't attend the webinars?
Some participants might choose not to attend the online webinars because of timezone or other priorities, which is also totally in alignment with what this course teaches. The advantage of attending live is that you'll get to interact with other participants and get some live support from me, but if you can't attend the webinars ​will​ be recorded and put online by the next morning. And if you can't attend a webinar, I still encourage you to submit questions beforehand which I might address in the webinar.
What if I don't have enough time?
This course is a small investment in time in order to create a very high ROI in time (and more importantly, energy). The mini lessons are short and focused. You get to choose your level of engagement with your Accountability Partner. And when time is tight you can just listen to the beginning of the webinars and skip the Q&A. Perhaps more importantly: how much time is it costing you *not* to get this handled?
Why 8 weeks?
I created the flow of the curriculum before picking the time frame of the program, and it rounded out quite naturally to being 8 weeks worth of mini-lessons. I also think 8 weeks is a pretty good timeframe for asking participants to engage a little bit every day, which can become overwhelming in 90+ day programs
Why $550?
I wanted the investment to be big enough so that participants will take the program seriously and stay involved, and low enough so that it will be within reach of a wide variety of people. If you’re not ready to invest in a group program to get this handled, at least get yourself started conceptually – I recommend picking up a copy of Time Warrior by Steve Chandler (and read it once for information, twice for transformation). If you think it's a good investment but are struggling financially, feel free to email me at [email protected] to see if we can work something out.​
When's the next time this course will be run?
I usually only run a program once, so if you're interested in the Masterpiece Days program NOW is the time.

This course is closed for enrollment.